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CCLI Numbers and Key Phrases for Bethany’s Music:

“I Speak to the Mountain” CCLI Number: 5434219

    “Do you know how big my God is? Do you know how great my God is?”

    “He’s a Mighty Warrior, Savior, Healer”

    “The kingdoms of this earth are becoming the Kingdoms of our God”

“Set My Heart Ablaze” CCLI Number: 5817513

    “Let the flame of love from Your eyes, Set me on fire!”

    “I don’t want ashes, I don’t want embers, Set my heart ablaze”

“One Thing” CCLI Number: 5680386

    “I will choose the One Thing”

    “You will never leave me or forsake me”

    “You are love and nothing can separate me”

    “You’re the cry of my heart.”

“Go Through, Go Through the Gates” CCLI Number: 5434240

    “Awake, awake, O sleeper”

    “And the earth will be filled with the glory of our God”

“Eyes of Fire” CCLI Number: 5760691

    “I want to feel Your eyes of fire on me, God”

    “Your jealous love, Your burning gaze”

    “Your eyes roam to and fro across the earth”

    “To find the one whose heart is fully Yours”

    “There is no fear in this love!”

“Set Us Free” CCLI Number: 5802951

“I Wage War from the Secret Place” CCLI Number: 5680489

“It is Time” CCLI Number: 5802920

“Lord I want to See Your Face” CCLI Number: 5434257

“Deep Calls Unto Deep (I must have more)” CCLI Number: 5802896

“All For You” CCLI Number: 5802937

From “The Outer Courts Are Not Enough” CD:

“Are You Ready?” CCLI Number: 5434271

“Arise!” CCLI Number: 5434336

“By His Wounds We Are Healed” CCLI Number: 5434264

“Glorious” CCLI Number: 5434312

“I’ll Give You My Love” CCLI Number: 5434192

“Now I Stand” CCLI Number: 5434288

“Pour It Out (Mary of Bethany Song)” CCLI Number: 5434295

“Rend the Heavens” CCLI Number: 5434233

“The Outer Courts Are Not Enough” CCLI Number: 5434329

“We Need Your River” CCLI Number: 5434154

“We Will See You Reign” CCLI Number: 5434185

“Yet I Will Praise You” CCLI Number: 5434305